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Turbo Soil Blend - With worm castings. Fast starting, long lasting, this super premium mix is great for all gardens. Consisting of fir bark fines, perlite, peat moss, garden compost, worm castings & lava rock. Use it for general top soil, raised beds, planting containers & to lawns! 

Omri Certified Organic Tnt Soil (Gardener's Blend) - Our heaviest general planting mix. It consists of sandy loam, perlite,  mix aged horse & red wood soil conditioner. 

Mushroom Compost - A heavy organic compost mixture from old mushroom beds. Consisting of peat moss, bone and blood meal. Horse manure, steer manure, straw, shavings and loam.  

Turf Mix - A specialty blend of sandy loam, soil amendments and rice hulls. It is designed to establish strong root growth and maintain a lush, healthy lawn. Sandy loam, soil amendments & rice hulls. 

Omri Certified Organic Garden Compost - Homegrown compost adds nutrients and promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms that will increase the vitality of your plants. Our compost consists of 100% recycled food scraps & yard trimmings from the bay area. 

Basmaa Bioswale Mix Compost - A bio-swale is a permanent, shallow landscape depression or channel used to direct stormwater to infiltration areas as engineered containment systems. Bio-swale use low impact development management practices - vegetated swales combine the benefits of organic matter and gravity to physically filter stormwater pollutants before they reach streams and natural water resources. 


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